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Jordanian Jewelers Syndicate

About Us

A syndicate has been established in the Kingdom called (The General Syndicate for Owners of Trading Shops and Gold and Jewelery Goldsmiths) with a legal personality. Its headquarters is located in the Um Uthaina area / Amman. It represents the goldsmiths sector, which is one of the most important economic sectors in the Kingdom. The gold and diamond contents of the sector are one of the pillars of the Jordanian economy and its security, in addition to being an adornment and saving for citizens. The sector began its formation since the formation of the Kingdom, where the shops selling ornaments and jewelry did not exceed the number of fingers on the hand, and most of them had come from Jaffa, Lydda, and Jerusalem after the Nakba, and some Armenians, where many were apprenticed at their hands until the sector expanded and knowledge spread as we see it now, and manufacturing was done by manual methods Simple, and most of the products were imported from neighboring countries, especially Syria and Italy. With the increase in the number of workers in the sector, the increase in demand for jewelry, and the advancement of industrial and knowledge-based machinery technology, modern machines were imported and skilled hands were trained to advance the sector to meet the needs of the citizen. Given the importance of the sector, a group of shop owners agreed among themselves to establish a syndicate to organize the sector and preserve its interests. In 1972, the first syndicate was established, which is the General Syndicate for Owners of Trade Shops and Jewelery Makers. It is concerned with the affairs of selling shops and manufacturing workshops. It is considered a labor union affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and carries out its activities. According to its by-laws, it has a board of directors consisting of thirteen members who are elected by the members of the General Assembly who have paid their annual subscriptions. It has a branch in the city of Irbid. The Syndicate has working relations with both the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Institution for Standards and Metrology, which supervises the control of the quality of locally manufactured and imported gold jewelry, as well as with the Ministry of Labor that it originally affiliated with. It also has close relations with the Ministry of Interior and the Public Security Directorate in terms of providing security for jewelry stores and combating money laundering. and the financing of terrorism and each of the Customs and Anti-Smuggling Department and other relevant government agencies.